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From Day One

Automation That’s Better Than The Concept

It all starts with the part and process.

What is it? 

What needs to be done to it? 

What level of finish does it need?

What volume do you want to achieve? 

Standard or Bespoke?

The answer to all these questions results in a concept being created. This might be based on one of our standard BAURO concepts, of which any number of applications, including arc welding, spot welding, packaging and a variety of others can be applied. 

If the answers result in something that doesn’t fit into one of our concepts, we have the experience and capability to create an entirely bespoke automation solution that is designed from the ground up. 

Solutions Better Than The Concept

Why do we say the solution is better than the concept? Because our concepts have the flexibility to be customised to suit each customer individually. No two solutions will ever be the same; so what works for one user, might not work for the other despite a similar concept being used. Everything from the layout and additional extras, to the colour of the guarding and position of the robot, mean that whatever requirements the user needs, our concepts allow the solution to flourish. Our designs aren’t complete until the user signs off on them.

More Than Integration

From consultation and design to manufacture and commission, we work closely with the customer from the very first moment. Robotic automation is a large investment and without the customer’s input, there is no solution. That’s why we use an app-based project system that allows the customer to keep up to date with their project at all stages of its manufacture. 

From meeting minutes and project hours, to photograph and video updates, all relevant members of the customer’s team will be given a unique login and will be able to monitor and comment on all aspects of the project from day one. Not only does this save countless journey’s back and forth, but allows a deeper more transparent relationship to be built between Bauromat and the end-user. The app is available for browser and smartphone use.

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