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Boxes, Bottles and Bags, Let Bauromat Do The Heavy Lifting

Introducing Your Only End-of-Line Automation Solution, BAURO-Pack

Manufactured using unique aluminium extrusion designed entirely for purpose, BAURO-Pack is Bauromat’s non-robotic automation solution, ideal for all end-of-line packaging and loading/unloading applications. Starting with three axes via a traditional XYZ robotic gantry, our Pack systems can feature additional end-of-arm axes to give extra flexibility to the system for part orientation. 

With grippers available to suit an array of products, from bottles, boxes or bags, it is designed to integrate standard Euro pallet sizes, which are used in most industries. This means the end-user can install our Pack systems with no disruption to the current packaging process. What’s more BAURO-Pack is designed with the user’s process in mind and can be easily integrated around existing conveyors and in-feed units, while pallet de-stackers and out-feed conveyors can also be added meaning that the user’s process is fully automated and therefore optimized to the highest efficiency. 

Its design allows the system to be easily extended or reduced and is available with a single or multi-pallet station suited to production lines with differing output amounts. So whether the end-user needs to pack boxes, load things onto a pallet or position products a particular way, BAURO-Pack is the cost-effective solution to all end-of-line production concerns.

Why Should I Use Non-Robot Automation?

Although Bauromat provides automation solutions featuring industrial and collaborative robots, there are occasions when non-robotic automation will do the job as efficiently. What’s more, a solution like BAURO-Pack can work out far more cost-effectively than a like-for-like six-axis robot solution and offers a much smaller footprint, a key decision making factor for factories and production lines where space is at a premium. 

Don’t let that confuse you though. If you’re not sure whether you need a traditional robotic or a non-robotic automation solution like BAURO-Pack, that’s what we’re here to do. Our aim is to find you the right solution for your manufacturing requirements, whatever that might be. If our Pack systems look like something that might fit into your production, and we agree - perfect. If not, and there may be alternative solutions that can get you working more efficiently, then will give you the reasoning behind that, too. Bauromat ensures the customer gets the right solution for the job, whatever the application.


Modular Design Means BAURO-Pack is Easily Modified

The unique aluminium extrusions used to manufacture BAURO-Pack are designed for ease of use and simple assembly, while also maintaining the strength and integrity required of a high-speed packing machine. This design means that it can easily be extended or reduced depending on workload fluctuations without requiring another alternative system. If the user has a single station BAURO-Pack and their workload increases, another module can be added with minimum disruption and cost. This is a great alternative to investing in a second, third or fourth system and can make a return on investment happen much quicker.


Payback Quicker Than You’d Think

non-robotic automation like the BAURO-Pack is far more cost-effective than a system featuring a traditional six-axis, while also taking up far less room. All of this means that the starting price of a single-station BAURO-Pack of around £50,000 can typically be paid back in less than a year if running two shifts per day. 

What’s more, like all automation solutions manufactured by Bauromat, finance options are also available, preventing the burden of a lump sum cash investment. This can make a huge difference, particularly for smaller manufacturers who are new to automation. Based on a set of agreed terms, our Pack systems could be costing you as little as £9 per hour. Not only that, automation is a guaranteed route to more business and higher profits.

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    BAURO-Pack FAQ's

    BAURO-Pack will dramatically increase the workflow of your business, making you run faster and to a more efficient and consistent level. It can run continuously, without breaks, and much quicker when compared with the manual equivalent.

    Like all Bauromat systems, BAURO-Pack is available with training. With options for training on your system or training on robotics in general. Training can also be provided as a refresher or on existing systems.

    BAURO-Pack isn't a collaborative robot as the system needs to be guarded to protect system operators and the machine itself. Bauromat can manufacture packaging solutions with collaborative robots if that is a preferred and appropriate solution.