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What Spares Do I Need For My Automation System?

Your automation system will come complete with a manual and list of spares and consumables. Of these, various will have recommended varieties to keep in line with what is currently being used in your system. Not only does this ensure consistency in your process, but using Bauromat approved parts maintains the high quality expected of the system.* Everything from weld tips and wire to pneumatics and suction cups, everything from mechanical and electrical is available from Bauromat and are part of an extensive list of things recommended to keep in stock at all times, preventing unnecessary downtime.

Off The Shelf, Ready to Go

Ready off the shelf for immediate dispatch, Bauromat has a range of standard spares and consumables used in most automation systems. Depending on the agreement prior to installation, a set of extras may be shipped alongside the automation system, but are also available off the shelf for quick delivery. Available as part of a service contract or on an ‘as and when basis, a whole range of spares will be available to prevent minimal disruption to your manufacturing processes and keeping you running.

spares & consumables

Specialised Spares Ready For You

Bauromat’s partnership with a host of industry-leading names puts the customer in a great position to be able to access a whole host of items for their automation system. All it takes is a quick conversation (and possibly a visit) to understand what exactly is needed and using its working relationships, Bauromat can track down, liaise with its partners and obtain whatever is needed, whatever the part may be. From replacement guarding panels to specific tooling clamps, Bauromat will do the hard work and won’t rest until the customer is entirely happy.

Customer Reference

"We were looking at replacing our pendant cases as they had gotten damaged and dirty over the years and had struggled to find anyone capable of finding any. In a matter of days, Bauromat managed to source the exact models, brand new and at a reasonable cost. We will certainly use them for our spares and consumables again." 

Roboteco, Italy

Spares & Consumables FAQ's

It's always useful to have a variety of spares with your robot system, these range from additional weld wire and tips to grease, bearings and even guarding panels. Having things in place means that if anything was to go wrong, there will be minimal interruption. Speak to our service team about your spares today.

Having spares available is a great way to prevent unnecessary down time with your automation system. If anything gets damaged, breaks or comes to the end of its life you'll be safe in the knowledge you can get things running quickly and efficiently with spares.

If a service contract is bought alongside a system, a list of spares will be provided. Depending on agreements made prior to the purchase of an automation system, some spares can be included.

Let us help you pick the right Spare parts for you...