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Getting You Running, But Keeping You Running

Installing and having your automation system up and running is important. But what’s more important is keeping it running, that’s why Bauromat prides itself on its post sales support with a top of the range service team as well its family of digestible service contracts. 

Available with all Bauromat manufactured systems, as well as existing automation, servicing allows your automation systems to run seamlessly with the knowledge that everything has been checked and is running at its optimum. With high quality servicing you can prevent all the headaches of system downtime and continue producing parts at a high quality, efficiently and consistently, giving you peace of mind for the foreseeable future.

Available from point of order, we offer a range of annual service contracts to ensure that your system is always running at it’s best, and if anything does go wrong, Bauromat will have you back producing in a matter of moments. 

With Bauromat servicing not only is high level of customer service guaranteed, but the user will be safe in the knowledge that the service is conducted by the same people who manufactured the system, giving an unrivalled level of knowledge. 

These contracts come in two tiers listed below, and include the service that will be given on an annual basis:

What Happens in an Automation Service?

An automation service will involve a number of things including inspection on operational equipment such as the robot, greasing all mechanical elements such as external axes, a general clean of the system as well as general inspections and things such as replacing any batteries and updating any software. 


Silver Package

The silver package is Bauromat’s entry level service contract and gives the end user the ultimate annual service and clean, making sure the roboti system is in top quality for the next 365 days. 

  • 10% Discount on all spare parts
  • Service and Inspection of Operation & Mechanical Elements of Any External Axes
  • Inspection of Attached Tooling. 
  • Full System Clean Down
  • Complete Backup of Robot Programs including CMOS.
  • Extensive Service Report
  • Manufacturer Recommended Lubrication of All Required Moving Parts*
  • Replacement of Any Backup Lithium Batteries*
  • Roller Door Inspection*
  • Fronius Weld Set Inspection & Firmware Update**

Gold Package

Featuring all the benefits of the silver package, the gold Bauromat service package is the ultimate in automation servicing. Not only do you have an annual service to ensure you’re ready for the next year ahead, the Gold also gives a direct line to the Bauromat service team at all times ensuring support is a mere call or email away. 


  • 15% Discount on Spare Parts
  • All Applicable Silver Package Features.
  • Access to General Technical Assistance (phone or email – dependant on availability)
  • 24-hour (1 working day) guaranteed response time – Mainland UK Only
  • 4 visits per year (3 inspection, 1 service)
  • Remote access diagnostics (subject to infrastructure)
  • Unlimited telephone support.

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