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Collaborative Robots

What is a collaborative robot?

A collaborative robot is a robot that can safely work alongside another human without the need for safety guarding and sensors. The jobs they are ideal for are those that don’t require high speed or high quantity but instead can take away the mundane from the human worker. Based on traditional six-axis robot arms, additional axes can be added, as long as they remain safe and ensure the robot can still work collaboratively with another worker.

How is a collaborative robot different from an industrial robot?

A cobot is much smaller and more uniform across the range when compared to conventional industrial robots due to the robots being used for similar applications, which is why the maximum payload of a cobot is around 15-20kg. Where industrial robots are made of steel for durability in a variety of environments, a cobot features rounded edges and is coated in plastic, all for the safety of the human worker. 

Collaboratives are also designed for much less rigorous work than industrial robots. If ran too quickly for extended periods of time, the cobot won’t last, as that is not what its ideal workload is. 

Programming a cobot is much more simple than that of industrial robots, however, with the pendant taking inspirations from tablets. Twinned with an easy to use interface, this makes cobots far more simple to program for those with little or no knowledge. Despite this, we ensure all end users are familiar with how their robots are controlled through our training program.

Which is right for me?

Your application and desired output dictate the best robot for your solution. But that is what Bauromat is here for, following initial conversations, we will know what robot is best for you, ensuring the best fit.

Bauromat’s Collaborative Partners

Bauromat’s close relationship with the leading industrial robotic manufacturers means that customers will also have access to these manufacturers’ collaborative ranges. On top of this, Bauromat also works closely with cobot manufacturer Doosan, who has many years of experience manufacturing CNC machines for a variety of industries and therefore has proven engineering know-how.



South Korean manufacturer Doosan has been involved in the industry for a number of years providing a range of CNC machines and other machine tools. This industry knowledge paved the way for Doosan to create its own range of cobots. With a maximum payload of 20kgs, having a Doosan collaborative puts the end-user at peace knowing it is a product that has been designed by experts, from experience.

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    Collaborative Robots FAQ's

    A cobot can improve workflow as it can take away some of the tasks formerly performed by a human operator allowing for greater potential output.

    A collaborative robot is best used alongside a human operator, working together to increase the efficiency of the job.

    Traditional cobot is a collaborative robot that is an automated option that is safe to be in the vicinity of when in operation. This is compared to a traditional industrial robot which requires a variety of safety options in order to protect human operators.