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Bauromat provides all customers with a top quality post-sales support network. With full service available on all new and existing systems, Bauromat can also offer a range of service contracts, so that when any issues arise, quality support will be provided for all aspects of your individual automation system.

Robot Training & Programming

If you’re looking for a refresher on how to operate a robot, or need a full system reprogramming, Bauromat’s team of expert robot engineers have the experience to offer full robot support for a variety of brands, so whether you’re a complete novice, or just need some advice, Bauromat is happy to help.

Spares & Consumables

Don’t let the small things slow you down. Bauromat has a full stock of spares and consumables for all aspects of your automation solutions that can be shipped anywhere globally. All systems also leave with a recommended spares & consumables lists so you’re prepared for any possibility.

Trials & Prototyping

Automation can be a large investment, so at Bauromat we want to make sure you’re comfortable with all aspects before making any commitments. A dedicated trial and prototyping area allowing all aspects of the customer’s automated process to be tested, tweaked and perfected, to ensure the best possible results.


BOS (Bauromat Operating System) is the boss of your automated solution, making operating and maintaining your manufacturing solution easier to use than it’s ever been. Ready for the leap into industry 4.0, BOS is a custom built innovative HMI control system constructed using the latest controls from controls provider Sigmatek.

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    Automation Services FAQ's

    Automation services will assist with your new robot and help you prolong its life. These include the likes of training so you are always up to date with new technologies as well service contracts which keep your automation system running.

    Automation service contracts are a range of post-sale options that can be purchased to help ease the integration and adoption of your automation system. They include the likes of annual checks, cleaning and full system back-ups.