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Robotic welding is the process of joining two materials together via traditional welding technologies performed by an industrial robot. Standard and bespoke automated solutions are available.

Dispensing, Bonding & Rivetting

Automated dispensing and bonding refers to the process of a robot applying materials including sealant, foam, glue and many more on to parts within a manufacturing process.

Machining, Cutting & Finishing

When components become too big, or too intricate to be manually dealt with, automation can provide a worthy solution. Whether you’re looking at moving huge bespoke pieces of equipment, or wanting to automatise your end of line packaging solutions, Bauromat can provide a solution no matter what size.


The most important stage of any manufacturing process is the quality control. Working with a range of industry partners and using vision systems Bauromat can provide an automated part inspection solution that can give you the consistency and efficiency to help your business grow.


With industry 4.0 looming over the manufacturing industry, Bauromat provides unique software with all automated systems that are easily used through a single touch-screen HMI. With all the features ready for the next industrial revolution, every aspect of your system can be monitored from one single location.

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    Automation Solutions FAQ's

    An automation solution is a manufacturing system, usually featuring a robotic arm, that is entirely automated and designed to replace manual jobs that are dangerous, dull, dirty or delicate. Automated solutions help streamline workflow, improving efficiency and keeping output consistent.

    Finding the right automated solution depends on exactly what the end-user is looking for. Talking with automation solution providers like Bauromat help streamline the automation process. Things like volume, material and budgets determine which automated solution is best for you. Let's talk!

    From trials, design and manufacture to commissioning, reprogramming and servicing, Bauromat ensures all aspects of your automated solution process is covered. Only through doing this will the automated solution get your manufacturing working more efficiently and to a higher quality.