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Rapid and highly accurate systems are the ideal solution for end of line packaging or sorting, whether in food or any other industry. Bauromat can provide material handling solutions with rapid robots capable of multiple moves per second, or even lower cost non-robotic automation solutions to provide the ultimate pick and place solution.

Automation can work independently or alongside other machines, ensuring they are loaded and unloaded, kept up to date at all times. Bauromat can provide a range of machine tending solutions, from standard concepts for a variety of requirements to bespoke designed equipment to fit against the customer’s existing machines.

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    Material Handling FAQ's

    A material handling robot is usually an industrial robot that is used throughout a variety of industries to move products. This could involve loading and unloading, machine tending or even packaging.

    Cobots can be used for material handling although it is important to consider what is being handled. If it is something dangerous, because collaboratives don't require full guarding, they could potentially cause harm.

    Over time, having a material handling robot will save you money as it will reduce any material costs and run much more efficiently than a manual operator.