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Automated Arc Welding in it’s most manageable form… meet BAURO-Arc

BAURO-Arc is Bauromat’s range of arc-welding robotic solutions. Based on a variety of concepts, Bauromat’s BAURO-Arc solutions offer the end user results to match their part and production needs.

From small single robot solutions for low volume production, to multiple robot systems required for high levels of demand, the BAURO-Arc family boasts solutions for all possibilities, with systems designed for flexibility and customisation with a diverse range of manipulators for all product types. 

All BAURO-Arc systems are available on finance, too. Automation can be a big initial investment particularly for first time users, and although it provides a positive return on investment, finance options allow the upfront cost to be broken down to a monthly or even weekly cost. Talk to us to find out more and finance and rental possibilities on BAURO-Arc systems.

Let our Concepts be Your Solution

The BAURO-Arc family are concepts as opposed to standards because we know that no two robotic arc welding solutions are the same. Our concepts allow each BAURO-Arc system to be tailor made to the customer, whether adding space for additional robots, more industry 4.0 technology, different types of user access or simply different colour system guarding. The customer and their part is the most important thing, and BAURO-Arc allows that to be the case.

Position, Plug-in, Play

All BAURO-Arc systems are manufactured on a steel base with multiple access points for fork lift trucks. This means that your BAURO-Arc solution can be easily positioned and manoeuvred in place. What’s more, as BAURO-Arc systems are shipped as a complete unit, minimal time is lost as there is no need to re-assemble on site, it’s as simple as connecting the power and away you go.

Which Solution is Right for me? 

We’re not expecting the customer to know exactly what system they need and with what additions, let us talk closely with you and come to the decision together. The most important thing at the initial stages is your part and required volumes. From this we work out how much welding is needed on the part, what sort of manipulation will be required to assist the robot, and how many parts you will need per cycle. This enables us to narrow down a BAURO-Arc concept, and from that customise it to suit your specific requirements.

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Meet the BAURO-Arc Family...

Bauro Arc Compact

BAURO-Arc Compact

The BAURO-Arc Compact is the smallest concept among the BAURO-Arc family with a footprint of just 4.4m2 it’s the ideal solution when space is at a premium. With a fixed table, the system can also feature a manual (Compact M) or powered (Compact P) turntable, suitable or a variety of tasks. The BAURO-Arc Compact is the ideal, low cost solution, with prices starting as low as £45,000 or £29/day.

Bauro Arc 300 Test

BAURO-Arc 300

The BAURO-Arc 300 family of arc welding solutions features a ‘ferris wheel’ turntable. While allowing twice the output with two sides, the ferris wheel can also allow for further part manipulation. In synchronisation with the robot, it’s the ideal solution for cylindrical parts or parts that require highly accurate welds. 

Bauro Arc 500

BAURO-Arc 500

With a head a tail stock which can be positioned as far apart as the part dictates, the BAURO-Arc 500 is the ideal solution for rounded parts that require additional manipulation. Due to its single side design, the system is better suited to parts that are at a lower volume but require a higher and more accurate quality of weld.


Bauro Arc 200

BAURO-Arc 200

BAURO-Arc 200 is BAURO-Arc’s most diverse range of arc welding solutions. With 3 variations: a manual (200M), powered (200P) or servo driven (200TS) turntables, the BAURO-Arc 200 family allows for double your current efficiency as a minimum. Each turntable features two stations meaning parts of up to 500kg a side can be loaded and unloaded while the robot welds the other side. 

Bauro Arc 400 Test

 BAURO-Arc 400

Featuring a robot mounted at the centre of the turntable and above the part, the BAURO-Arc 400 focuses on ultimate flexibility. The robot’s positioning opens up the working envelope to a higher level when compared with other BAURO-Arc systems.

Bauro Arc 800

BAURO-Arc 800

BAURO-Arc 800 features a tilt & turn manipulator, which when synchronized with the robot provides greater part manipulation and therefore more weld possibilities. With payloads of up to 1 tonne depending on the manipulator model, the BAURO-Arc 800 is ideal for low volume production.

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