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Who Else do Bauromat Work with?

Bauromat has been providing robotic automation solutions for over 20 years, and in that time has manufactured systems featuring an array of applications used in the industry ranging from automotive and nuclear, to rail and yellow goods. In that time it has built strong connections with some leading names in a variety of industries creating strong partnerships and an impressive back catalogue of solutions. 


These close connections mean that not only does it guarantee a finish solution featuring some of the best products on the market, produced by industry-leading names, but it also means that you will receive top quality support through all stages of the project. Whether in initial discussions before making decisions or when products require service and maintenance, the end-user will be working with some of the most well-regarded names in the industry.



Part of Swedish multinational Atlas Copco, the SCA product range offers a range of automated dispensing systems used in a variety of industries. Providing all parts of the dispensing solution from the control, metering unit and the applicator itself, automated SCA dispensing units can be found throughout a number of high profile automotive manufacturers in systems provided by Bauromat.



Keyence is a leading manufacturer of camera and inspection equipment used specifically in industrial automation. Consistently ranked amongst the world’s most innovative companies, Keyence provides the user with quality service from start to finish. With its range of code readers, laser markers and vision systems a whole variety of automated applications are possible with a Bauromat automation system.



American giant Hexagon is a world renowned leader in the manufacture of metrology and sensor equipment. For systems that require high accuracy and the best possible results, Hexagon provides an array of equipment, backing it up with its unrivalled support and drive to improve results. With a factory around the corner from Bauromat, Hexagon works closely to provide the best possible solution for the end user.

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