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Introducing the Most Flexible Automation Solution to Date...

BAURO-MATE is your new automation companion, manufactured by Bauromat. 

BAURO-MATE is Bauromat’s flexible application robotic system meaning that your robot can be used for more than one job, ideal for small production runs.

Designed in two halves, BAURO-MATE separates the robot from the application, giving the end user complete flexibility and endless options from a single automated system. If you need to change the application, simply undock the two halves of the system, safely move the application half not being used and re-attach the application you need to run in production. 

Compact, and easily moved, the two halves are secured using a unique docking system and 4 locks which fit directly onto the guarding extrusions, ensuring a secure fastening and safe working station for the robot. BAURO-MATE can also be manufactured using castors on either half of the system so it can easily and safely be moved into position without the need of heavy lifting equipment. 

Ideal for production lines with multiple stations running on different shift patterns, BAURO-MATE’s diversity and stature as a flexible automation solution means that whatever application you have in mind, a solution can be found. 

Endless Applications, Easy Integration

From inspection, machine-tending or measuring, to soldering, ultra-sonic welding or assembly, a half with the components needed for that application can easily be manufactured and attached to the robot half of the BAURO-MATE.

What’s more, due to BAURO-MATE’s design if you have existing applications in your production lines, and the robot half of BAURO-MATE is all you need, that is possible too. Whether you have existing CNC machines that you would like BAURO-MATE to tend, or a current line of parts that needs sorting, the flexible design and quality engineering means the robot half of BAURO-MATE can be easily integrated.

Bauro Mate1

Design Flexibility

The customer is at the core of BAURO-MATE’s design, giving them the choice of what they want, how they want it and where. This flexibility extends to not only the position of the robot (floor, ceiling or shelf mounted), and to the endless choice of applications suited to BAURO-MATE, but also to the final design and features of the system. 

BAURO-MATE is a simple system with 4 differing concepts available, each suited for a variety of applications.

Do you know exactly what solution you’re looking for? Perfect, we can work alongside the customer to ensure the best possible results.

Not sure what concept would be best suited to your requirements? Bauromat’s expertise of over 20 years can put your mind and rest as the best solution will be made, working closely to get you the best results from your automation. 

The 4 BAURO-MATE concepts, which as standard are built into the robot half of the system, include:



For smaller quantity parts that need to be put into and taken out of production, a two-station turntable allows the user to safely load and unload the system, while the robot is busy working with the application.



Like the drawer, the hatch is another access design allowing operators to safely load and unload the systems. Perfect for small one-offs and low volume production, the hatch will be manufactured with the latest safety devices, protecting the user and robot. 


Bauro Mate2


If there are parts that require a conveyor system, for instance multiple parts consistently passing through production stages, BAURO-MATE can be designed with one that can easily integrate into existing lines. Likewise, if existing conveyors feature on the production line, BAURO-MATE can be designed to integrate with these. 



One of two access designs, the draw is ideal for enabling the system to be loaded and unloaded safely and efficiently. Manufactured with the latest safety features and sensors, the system will not operate until the drawer is fully closed, the ideal solution for small one off production runs. 

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