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Robotic Training & Programming

Train Yourself For The Future

Whether new to automation or you have multiple robotic systems on-site, there is always room for robot training to ensure you are getting the most from your automation. With all Bauromat systems, be them standard concepts or entirely bespoke designs, robot training is offered for up to 3 users at a time, ensuring a focused learning process. 

During the manufacture of the system, general robot training can be provided to get users up to speed with the process, while after installation, additional system-specific training can be completed, meaning users are ready for the jump into automation on all levels. 

What’s more, if robotic training is required for an existing system, or you’re just looking at a refresher to refine your skills, you don’t need to be in the process of purchasing an entire system. Robot training is offered to anyone looking to educate themselves in the process of programming and using robots.

A System Just For Training

For larger organisations with a high number of staff that are likely to operate automation systems or for education centres looking to inspire the next generation, training specific robotic systems can also be manufactured and installed. These are feature minimal automation systems including just a robot and fixed table but allow for any number of processes to be practised, refined and shown off.

What Robots Can You Learn On?

Our partnerships with all leading industrial robot manufacturers mean we can provide top quality robot training on all leading brands and their individual software. Whatever robot you are having in your system, training can be provided. These include; ABB, Fanuc, Kawasaki, KUKA & Yaskawa. Our partnerships with other manufacturers allow for training arrangements to be easily arranged.

Get Back to Your Best

Have a system that you want to get up and running more efficiently? Our robot programming extends beyond training but to full system recommissioning. Our team of robot engineers have the knowledge of all robot controls in order to get you running at higher levels of efficiency. If you want to get your existing Bauromat system running at a higher level, or have an existing one that needs the Bauromat TLC, then our re-programming options will be of interest to you.

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How does an Industrial Robot Work?

Robots use a series of servo motors to move into precise positions, these can either be done through each axis moving individually or through a ‘cartesian mode’ which allows axes to move together in one seamless movement. Using a robotic pendant, the robot is manually controlled into the positions needed through a ‘teach mode’. These sequences are then stored and saved by the robot so when it comes to running automatically, the sequence is remembered and the robot moves to the exact positions required time and time again.

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    Robotic Training & Programming FAQ's

    Robots are programmed using a teach pendant, similar to a tablet a robot teach pendant is the controller used to move the robot and record positions from point-to-point. These are saved and the robot can then automatically move between these points on command.

    No training is required to use a robot through a basic understanding of robot programming is needed to be able to understand the basics. Bauromat can provide training on all varieties of robots to ensure the user is comfortable and has the skill level to control the robot.

    The cost of having a robot programmed is usually included in the total system price, although for additional robot programming or to make changes to the existing robot program costs are charged hourly or daily depending on the amount of work that needs doing.