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What is an industrial robot?

An industrial robot is a type of automation typically used in manufacturing and that should be enclosed, separate from a human worker. With anything upward of 3 programmable axes, typically industrial robots feature six axes and can be integrated into systems that can feature many more, all programmable through the robot control.

Programming robots can be complicated and may require a trained robotic engineer such as those at Bauromat, although, with some simple training, these robots can very basically be controlled. Many robot manufacturers also provide regular training on specific features of their models, together with Bauromat ensuring the customer is confident in their product. 

Industrial robots are incredibly robust, made from steel and with long life motors, they can be used in almost any industry and can do almost any job. Their robust nature also makes them extremely long-lasting, with the average robot lifespan easily over 10 or 15 years if not longer. 

The diverse nature of these robots means that whatever application you are considering automating there is a robot that will be suited to your needs. From large handling applications, welding and assembly, to pick and place, machine tending and inspection, robots of all shapes and sizes are available.

Bauromat’s Robotic Partners

After over 20 years of working in the industry, Bauromat has worked with a number of leading robot manufacturers to provide high-quality automation solutions for its customers in a range of fields. This means it is now recognised as an approved system partner by some of the leading names in the industry and therefore a ‘go to’ solutions provider for your robotic automation. Whether a SCARA robot or part handling behemoth our partnerships guarantee a product of the highest quality but also ensures the dedicated support of globally renowned industry names. Either way, we’ll ensure you get the right robot for the job, or that we can provide you with your preferred robotic manufacturer.

Bauromat’s Industrial Robot Partners



A leading supplier of industrial robots, Swiss-Swedish company ABB is also the title sponsor of the Formula E World Championship. With over 400,000 installs globally, ABB has a range of over 100 different robots. 



A leading robot manufacturer, FANUC produces over 100 different robot models, for all applications. The Japanese company boasts a range of industrial robots with load capacities starting at 3kg and going as high as 2,300kg ensuring there will be a robot for your requirements. 



German manufacturer KUKA, which celebrated its 120th anniversary in 2018 is Europe’s biggest manufacturer of industrial robots. Known for their bright orange colour, KUKA robots come in all shapes and sizes, for use in all industries. 



A division of Japanese company Yaskawa Electrical, Yaskawa robots boasts over 125 industrial robot varieties. All painted in a distinctive blue, the robots for a variety of applications are available.



Italian multinational COMAU is a subsidiary of automotive manufacturer FIAT Chrysler. Developing a range of automated technology solutions, COMAU boasts a range of over 40 types of industrial robot.



A division of Japan’s Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Kawasaki Robotics provides a variety of robots that are not only cost-effective but come with the quality you’d expect from other engineered Kawasaki products.



Swiss manufacturer Staubli is known globally as a provider of industrial robots in cleanroom environments. Ideal for food & pharmaceuticals, Staubli provides everything from SCARA to six-axis robot arms.

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    Industrial Robot FAQ's

    Industrial robots are programmed using a teach pendant. Similar to a tablet device, all axes can be individually controlled and a path programmed. Once set, the robot can repeatedly perform the motion automatically.

    Industrial robots are used in a variety of industries as a means of increasing productivity and consistency. Only with an industrial robot can a business truly take its turnover to the next level.

    Industrial robots come in all shapes and sizes, from small SCARAs, through arc welding robots, all the way to huge handling robots that can handle over 2 tonnes. Talk with your robotic system provider to discover the best robot for the job.