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Discover Bauromat's Concepts

Recognised for its process in arc welding, Bauromat has a range of products of arc welding solutions named BAURO-Arc. Designed for a variety of parts and applications, whatever the size of the part and volume required there is a BAURO-Arc solution for the customer.

With over 20 years of experience in spot welding, Bauromat has created a small range of spot welding solution products called BAURO-Spot. These concepts are designed with an array of customer possibilities in mind, so whatever the requirements, we have designs ready and examples to show.

Bauromat’s non-robotic automation solution BAURO-Pack is a cartesian gantry that is designed as an ideal end of the line solution for packaging, palletising and loading/unloading. As a low-cost alternative, BAURO-Pack solutions can be paid back in less than a year.

The BAURO-MATE is Bauromat’s most flexible automation solution product to date. Designed to be used in a wide range of industries, doing a variety of applications, BAURO-MATE allows the customer to have multiple processes in one automation system, keeping efficiency high but costs low.

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