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The Tech That Makes BAURO-MATE an Unmissable Automation Solution

“Once a new technology rolls over you, if you're not part of the steamroller, you're part of the road.”- Stewart Brand

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Robotic Systems? Try BAURO-MATE

BAURO-MATE is the latest automation solution concept from Telford based robotic systems integrator Bauromat. Utilising some of the latest technology in the industry and twinned with its design flexibility to suit a variety of industrial robots and applications, BAURO-MATE is amongst the first automation solutions that can be purchased as a single system but used for a variety of jobs.

With tens of millions in grants available for manufacturing through the UK government, of which Bauromat can help you source, as well as asset financing where costs can be broken down into extremely low weekly payments, automation has never been more cost-effective. So why not discover what makes BAURO-MATE one of the most technologically advanced robotic systems on the market?


Do you have multiple applications that need automation but are restricted by budget? Is your manufacturing line full of different jobs that are used in small bursts? Are you looking for a simple introduction to automation? If the answer to any or all of those questions is ‘yes and you’re looking for the latest technology in the industry, then BAURO-MATE is the answer.

Thinking outside of the box of traditional robotic systems, BAURO-MATE is designed in two halves, separating the robot from the application. This very design means there is a huge amount of flexibility with the BAURO-MATE automation solution; it can be integrated as a stand-alone robot to be put into position against existing machine tools or other applications, it can be manufactured with you’re preferred application as a complete robotic system, or it can be manufactured with the robot half and any number of required application halves for you to use at differing times.

In a nutshell, BAURO-MATE is one robot, but multiple applications.

Like all Bauromat systems, BAURO-MATE is offered with BOS, (Bauromat Operating System) our unique, custom-designed, and industry 4.0 ready PLC software. With features coming as standard and/or specified by the end-user, with a touchscreen HMI, BAURO-MATE is one of the easiest automation solutions to use and manage. Everything from digital component manuals and system alerts is logged and easily managed.

On top of this, BOS brings your automation solution into the fourth industrial revolution, with a host of features that you’ll wonder how you lived without. Remote access is available for the system, meaning it can be managed from anywhere in the world, differing levels of security mean data is only seen and managed by those who need to while overall equipment efficiency can be specified for your application allowing the user to see when and where there are or aren’t running to your potential. It’s never been a better time to join the industrial revolution and maximise your potential. 

You can read more about our control & HMI systems here.

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The Future of Industrial Robots is now

Bauromat works closely with a variety of industrial robot manufacturers and is recognized as an ‘official systems partner’ by all leading brands. This means that Bauromat has access to the latest models, technology, and software, and is, therefore, able to offer this to all customers, ensuring the best possible robotic systems.

Industrial robots continue to develop and improve year on year to provide the best possible service. The latest, and those included in BAURO-MATE unless otherwise specified, should be able to operate for upwards of 10-years and even feature sensors in the drive systems that can find faults before they turn catastrophic, always giving the customer peace of mind.

They are also becoming more and more user-friendly to program with ever-improving teach pendants as well as additional software ranging from ‘cartesian teaching’ to manual positioning and programming. All of this improved technology means that robot training is now an added bonus as opposed to an essential part of purchasing an automation solution, and you will be capable of operating your BAURO-MATE system within no time at all.

One thing is for certain, the quality of industrial robots in the present means those investing in automation, and in particular, BAURO-MATE at this point will be guaranteed the latest technology and innovation prepared for all eventualities.

Are you fully prepared to take on the BAURO-MATE? If so, enquire now and one of our friendly Bauromat members of staff will be in touch.

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