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Automated Packing & Palletizing Now Available

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Robotics & automation solutions provider, Bauromat UK, is pleased to announce its new line of modular gantry palletizers and end of line automated packing solutions, the perfect addition to any production line, be it bottles, bags or boxes.


Bauromat automated packing system

Made entirely in the UK and designed to integrate standard Euro pallets, the automated packing solution is available in single or multi-pallet options, with additional axes also available for product orientation.

As a lower cost alternative to traditional 6 axis robot systems, Bauromat’s packaging solution features a gantry system, designed with unique aluminum extrusions entirely for purpose. Not only does this offer a smaller footprint compared with conventional robot solutions, but with starting prices under £50,000, payback is typically less than a year on two shifts.

image of products suitable for use with Bauromat automated packing

Like all Bauromat automation systems, finance options are also available to prevent a single lump sum cash investment. With agreed terms and monthly installments, you can be looking at a system that costs around £9 per hour, but will optimize your production significantly, increasing profits in no time.

For ultimate flexibility, the Bauromat packing solution can also be designed around existing conveyors or integrate new conveyors and in-feed units, while additional wrist axes and grippers are available to suit whatever product you need packing. What’s more the system can also include pallet de-stackers and out feed conveyors to ensure that every part of your process is automated.

Bauromat’s state of the art HMI software is also available, allowing you to closely monitor all parts of the operation with ease.

birds eye view of automated packing solution

The Bauromat packing solution comes in a variety of concepts, ranging in size and speed to ensure there is a solution suited to your specific requirements.

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