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Bauromat is Backing Britain

Last week we were invited to partake in the launch of Made in the Midlands’ Back Britain campaign at RAF Cosford.  

Joining with fellow MIM Members and regional manufacturers Salop Design & Engineering, My WorkWear and Wrekin Sheet Metal, Managing Director John D’Angelillo joined the panel to promote Bauromat's passion and reason for Backing Britain.


Bauromat's John D'Angelillo and Made in Group's Jason Pitt

The campaign, which will be on going for the next 12-months in order to drive success stories of British manufacturing, aims to create unity throughout the industry. As MIM describe:

Backing Britain was launched to act as a beacon of unity during these uncertain times and to inspire manufacturers to create a community within UK manufacturing.

Championing the quote ‘United we stand, divided we fall’, Backing Britain isn’t about Brexit, it’s about manufacturing and the power of communities. As Made in Group’s CEO Jason Pitt explains “we can Back Britain by doing simple things like reshoring, investing in your business and spreading the word”.

Bauromat is proud to be
supporting the campaign and honoured to have been given a platform to talk
passionately about the current state of manufacturing. What’s more, it also gave
us another opportunity to continue to promote automation throughout the
Midlands and the wider UK; after all, without increases in automation, it’d difficult
to compete with our European and Global counterparts.

Bauromat's John D'Angelillo giving a talk at the launch of Back Britain

“I’m honoured to have
been asked to be part of such an important event” said Managing director John D’Angelillo.

“It’s all well and good
saying you support it, but we have to encourage people to kick into action.

“The UK is a sleeping
giant in terms of manufacturing. There’s massive potential for growth and
development in all areas and we can either embrace it and watch companies
flourish, or we can ignore it and watch them flounder.”

The panelists at the launch of Back Britain

With talks also coming
from Group Chairman Lord Mike Whitby, Christopher Greenough (Salop Design &
Engineering), Claire Robinson (Wrekin Sheet Metal) and James Worthington (My
WorkWear) about all areas of manufacturing, the campaign has well and truly

If you want to find out
more about the campaign, see how you can be a part of it or wanted to attend
events over the next 12-months get in touch with ourselves of those in the Made
in Group.

Remember, Keep Calm & Back Britain - #mfgbackingbritain

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