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BAUROMAT Sponsors MCMT Apprentice Awards

Robotic & automation systems integrator, Bauromat UK Limited were proud to sponsor the Marches Centre of Manufacturing & Technology (MCMT) yesterday as it held its annual Apprentice Awards, recognising the achievements of its Shropshire based apprentices.

Learning their trade through a range of manufacturers across the region, the apprentices were contesting a range of awards including Most Improved Learner, Exceptional Leadership and Outstanding Apprentice of the Year.


Winners included:

Most improved learner - Business support - Toni Lee - Grainger and Worrall

Most improved learner - manufacturing and engineering- Zak North - Carlo Salvi

Exceptional teamwork- Joe Thorpe - Grainger and Worrall 

Exceptional leadership - Jack Woolley - Torus Group

Commitment to excellence- Craig Barker- Cedo

Outstanding apprentice of the year-Shaun Macken- Cedo 

Opening the awards was Matthew Snelson of Grainger and Worrall, to talk about the benefits of the MCMT and the influence it’s having on companies throughout the region with apprentices employed throughout Shrewsbury, Telford, Bridgnorth and as far out as Stafford and Craven Arms.

With all the political uncertainty, Snelson declared the MCMT as ‘inspiring engineers for a changing world’ with apprentices prepared to travel from all areas of the region due to the ‘quality of training offered’.

This was highlighted as numerous apprentices took to the stage to discuss their time at the centre and why they opted for apprenticeships over university of heading straight into the working world.

The awards also gave Bauromat an opportunity to continue to spread the positive word of automation throughout the industry and highlight the benefits it can have for companies.

“Apprentices here today are the managers and buyers in 10, 15, 20 years time, if we can show them the benefits of automation now, they will carry it with them into their careers” said Bauromat Managing Director John D’Angelillo.

Bauromat continues to be a partner of the MCMT and be a huge supporter of what it offers apprentices. For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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