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Bauromat & UWR Morgan Announce New Sponsorship

Buaromat & UWR Morgan Announce New Sponsorship

Telford based robotic and automation solutions provider Bauromat is pleased to announce that it will once again be sponsoring the UWR race for the remainder of the 2021 season and beyond.

This time, Bauromat will be providing support to the 2 car Morgan team consisting entirely of students attending the university’s school of engineering courses including motorsport, automotive, mechanical and aerospace engineering.

“We’re really pleased to be back in the paddock and alongside this fantastic team” said Bauromat Managing Director John D’Angelillo.

“They’re not just students, they’re a fully fledged racing team and being able to help them anyway we can is a great way to see them develop.

“This is how we get the next generation inspired in engineering!”

The team, which this year was confirmed as the factory works team of the Morgan Motor Company, consists of 2 new Morgan Plus Fours on their innovative CX platform, one with a manual gearbox and the other with an automatic.

Making their racing debut at national motorsport’s iconic race of Remembrance at Anglesey this November, the UWR team will them compete in the Morgan Challenge throughout the 2022 racing season.

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    “UWR has facilitated a professional standard motorsport experience for the Morgan factory racing drivers over the past five years, including the introduction of the Club Sport, which lead to two seasons of class wins and one overall Challenge Championship victory” said Head of the School of Engineering, Syed Hasan.

    “Together, Morgan and UWR will now seize the opportunity presented by the Plus Four to develop and prepare a motorsport version of the vehicle capable of winning races across multiple competitions.”

    Overseen by Senior Motorsport Technician Matt Fenton, the students have been working directly with the Morgan Factory to prepare both cars, light-weighting the road cars, fitting hard-top roofs and making other aerodynamic tweaks to make them ready for endurance racing.

    The Race of Remembrance takes place between 12-14th November at the Anglesey race circuit in North-West Wales.