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Bauromat Welding System Shipped to Leading Exhaust Manufacturer

Exhaust Welding System

Earlier this week, we shipped our latest, fully automated turnkey MIG exhaust welding system. The cell, which will be installed in the UK at a leading exhaust manufacturer, will produce parts in high quantities for the automotive industry and has been designed, manufactured and commissioned completely in-house by our team of skilled engineers and technicians.


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Like with all Bauromat manufactured systems, the cell has been designed around the tooling, with the customers' parts our top priority. In this instance, the tooling holds three exhaust parts before being clamped into position and manipulated for the welding robot to access. 

As an official systems integrator of both Yaskawa and Fronius products, the system also integrates a Yaskawa arc welding robot and a Fronius welding power source & torch. On top of this, it also features Talos safety guarding, made from durable aluminium extrusions, and a Talos high-speed roller door.

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The process begins when the three separate components are loaded into the custom-designed tool, completely unique to this system. Once clamped into place and secured, the welding process begins. The robot follows the seam of the exhaust components, welding with the precision that only a system of this calibre can provide.

For more information on this system or any that we can design and develop for you, feel free to get in touch and we'd be happy to help.


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