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How Much is it to Finance Automation Systems?

There has never been a better time to finance automation. Manufacturing is looking for a way to recover lost ground and robots are the key to a greater efficiency and higher quality. If you were wondering where the best place to start is, well, you’re in it - Bauromat UK Limited.

How Much Is It To Finance Automation Systems?


Wallets are a little tight at the minute, and investments in the latest technology must be done intelligently and for the right reasons. When presented with the cost of a solution, it might be enough to defer the investment for some time, but did you know you can finance automation?

Just like a car, with an affordable deposit and agreed terms, you can be paying monthly with figures that are much more manageable when compared to a lump sum payment.  What’s more, where a car loses value the minute you put the keys in the ignition, an automation solution, when implemented correctly, is going to help you make money and be far more competitive when quoting for work.

Take Bauro-MATE for instance, a system that is the perfect addition to any inspection lines you might have. A fully guarded system with a robot of your choice adhering to all the required safety protocols can cost £49,650 – a large investment in one payment, but with finance, the cost can come down to as £32 per day. Much more manageable, and a steal for something that can make you money.

Finance Automation

Bauro-MATE is a flexible system and be tailor made to your requirements, if you have existing inspection equipment, a smaller system containing just a robot and controls system can be manufactured that is easily integrated into your lines.

But if you’re looking for a complete system, we can do that too. Providing the robot along with the inspection kit and all other necessary equipment working with our partners at the likes of Hexagon and Keyence. This will provide you with top of the range solutions for camera & probe inspections as well as laser scanning and marking, with the guarantees of those industry leading names.

We’re moving into a time when automation is becoming essential and luckily with these options, it’s becoming more and more manageable for companies to invest. We’re here to answer all the questions you might have surrounding automation and financing options offering free consultation; then, when you’re ready we can provide all the training and trials required to get you up to speed.

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