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How Are We Industry 4.0 Ready?

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” ― Benjamin Franklin

Industry 4.0

What is Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is the hot topic throughout manufacturing, referring to the next theoretical ‘industrial revolution’, but the reality is, to a lot of companies and industries, industry 4.0 can mean a whole variety of things. It might refer to new technologies such as robotic systems and introducing automation into manufacturing, it might refer to the simple management of data, while for others industry 4.0 is about accessibility and being able to monitor efficiency and production from anywhere in the world, all through the ubiquitous ‘cloud’.

According to the TWI, a manufacturing-based organisation who supports the industry, industry 4.0 is associated with ‘cyber-physical systems’ clearly referring to the introduction of more automation in manufacturing along with greater levels of IT and cloud support.

Industry 4.0 follows three previous industrial revolutions, which the TMI goes on to sum up as: "The first industrial revolution came with the advent of mechanisation, steam power and water power [...] the second industrial revolution, which revolved around mass production and assembly lines using electricity [and] the third industrial revolution came with electronics, I.T. systems and automation.”</i > -

What Does Industry 4.0 Mean to Us?

For us, industry 4.0 is a bit of everything as listed above. But the key point is making sure customers are futureproofing their business and have the means to be able to record data, view information and use robotic systems with as minimal interference to their daily output as possible. Only with this implementation in place can industry 4.0 really be achieved, can efficiency really increase and can the UK really begin to compete on a global scale.

With the robotic industry in the UK significantly smaller than the markets in Europe, Asia and America, there is huge potential. Industry 4.0 is not just implementing the features of the next industrial revolution, but doing it appropriately, in the right places and for the correct reasons.

Robotic Systems? Industry 4.0? We’re ready to help

Integrating With Your Company

Like many companies in the robotic industry, we’re prepared in our own unique way for the developments of industry 4.0 and even have our own unique PLC software. Controlled through a single HMI, the software contains a plethora of industry 4.0 features; from overall equipment efficiency and remote login in, to digital versions of manuals and different levels of security. This means when the revolution happens, your robotic system will be ready. Read more about our controls and HMI here.

At Bauromat we have the philosophy of integrating with the customer from day one. Beginning with the initial consultation phase, we like to build confidence with the customer by answering any and all questions they may have, while also asking our own range of questions. The answers to these create the stepping stones for concepts to be decided on and trials to be made; before the discussion of any investment, we have integrated with the customer and their ongoing project.

What’s more, once the project has been launched and the customer is happy to proceed, Bauromat continues it’s industry 4.0 flag bearing with a unique app giving customers all access to the project at all stages. Updates on who is working on what, when and for how long are provided daily for the customer to access, along with project meeting minutes and regular photo and video updates for unprecedented access that we believe the customer has every right to see. Find out more by getting in touch today.

Robotic Systems? Industry 4.0? We’re Ready to Help

So you’ve heard of industry 4.0, you’re ready for the jump into robotic systems and manufacturing automation, and you want to make the leap forward to future proof your business. The question is how can we help? Get in touch today

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