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How Cost Effective Is BAURO-MATE?

“Earn with your mind, not your time” - Naval Ravikant

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UK Robotic Companies - Saving You Money

Cost-effectiveness is what all businesses want. And businesses looking for robotic automation want it even more in order to see the bang for their investment buck. It’s no news that an automation solution can be an expensive capital investment and depending on the levels of complexity and size of the project, costs can rise from the 10s of thousands into the 100s of thousands and beyond. 

There’s a great breakdown here [blueprint external link] that highlights some key things to think about when considering automation and how much it really costs. Likewise, when we speak with customers face-to-face, the key things they want from robotic automation are; to be able to work consistently, prevent unnecessary production hiccoughs and future-proofing. But that’s not all, this all needs to be done while the business is making a solid return on investment.  

But we’re not here to flex our robotic automation know-how and shout about how we can make the most expensive robot solutions throughout all the UK based robotic companies. We want to get people the right solution, and if it happens to be your first foray into robotic automation we think BAURO-MATE is the solution for you. 

Why? Well, because of the reasons listed below: It’ll make you more consistent, keep working uninterrupted, and help prepare for future manufacturing developments. But not only this, the system is adaptable, compact and nothing short of a steal when you consider how much it’ll cost in its life.

BAURO-MATE Equals Cost Effectiveness

BAURO-MATE in its most basic form (i.e. consisting of a robot in an open-sided box, with no application) starts at around £60,000, a large investment, particularly for small businesses, but when you break it down, you can see its cost-effectiveness in a variety of circumstances, so much so that at times, you could be paying almost £2.50 per hour.


Bauro-mate Shift Costs


There’s an old saying in robotic automation circles that the payback of a robotic system should be considered as the lifetime of the product, less a day. However, the reality of day-to-day manufacturing and businesses in 2021 looking for faster payback, the old formula doesn't make sense for digestible cost-effectiveness; particularly when the lifetime of parts can extend for many years. 

In the above table, we’ve broken down the cost of a starting BAURO-MATE system across both 3 and 5 year lifetimes. Within that, there are further breakdowns for months, weeks, days (over a 5 and 6 day week) as well as hours, highlighting the relative cost of robotic automation. 

Considering this, running two 8-hour shifts per day over a 6 day week, an automated solution can cost as little as £2.60/hour, and that’s guaranteed to help improve your manufacturing. With costs like this, you can’t not afford to automate.

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Robotic Automation - Making it Worth Your While

Did you know, manufacturers can now take advantage of the UK’s Government’s all-new super deduction tax relief? Since the new tax year, companies that invest in new technologies to help improve their business can claim 130% of capital allowances - and that applies to robotic automation. 

For example, in investing £100,000, you can deduct the equivalent of £130,000 from your taxable profits. The saving of which (at 19% corporation tax) will be in the region of £25,000. The more money you spend, the more money you’ll save.

You can read more about the all-new super deduction here.

And if you were wondering how much tax you would save on our friend the £60,000 BAURO-MATE, the one that can cost £2.60 an hour; that robotic automation is the ultimate in cost-effectiveness, also saving you almost £15,000 in tax. 

How could a cost-effective Robotic System like the BAURO-MATE Improve your business's automation? Enquire now by filling out the contact form below or alternatively call us on +44(0)1952 951689 to speak to one of our friendly members of staff for more information.


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