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How Our Process Makes Automation Integration Incredibly Simple

“The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don't really even notice it, so it's part of everyday life.” - Bill Gates


How We Differ from Other UK-Based Systems Integrators

Have you ever sat and thought about what exactly system integration is or what it means? Well, as a system integrator, let us explain it to you in its simplest form, and how system integration as a whole reflects our project management process. 

When you work with a systems integrator, they will take all the complicated, stand alone products that your automation process requires, integrating them together into one simple, easy to use system, saving you the headache. 

Our approach to project management is based on this automation process philosophy, too. From day one we want to integrate ourselves with the customer, as the project is theirs as much as it is ours. Every step of the way the customer will be guided, informed and brought on board to ensure the finished robotic system is the best it can possibly be. 

We wouldn’t expect you to go straight into robot programming without any hand holding and we have the same approach to robotic automation as a whole, that’s what our philosophy, Day 1 integration, is all about - making sure the customer is informed and updated at all points in a seamless, manageable and industry 4.0 ready way.

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Our Automation Project Management Process

In keeping with the increasing technology within the robotic and automation industry, our project management app is straight from the industry 4.0 rulebook. 

On placement of an order, customers will be welcomed to a project meeting. Like other system integrators, everything from sourcing essentials to time scales will be introduced, but on top of this, customers will be given a demonstration and then a log-in to the app giving them access to the project’s progress, wherever in the world they’ll be. Everything can be monitored from targets and deadlines to seeing who is working on what and when. 

“The project management was clear, consistent, interactive and it did exactly what it was supposed to, keeping us informed, reassured, and updated at all times.” - Richard Bunce - Managing Director, Mec-Com Fabrications

At all stages of the automation process, this app is updated, so no week will ever go by without the customer being informed of the system’s progress.

Images and videos can be uploaded, customers can comment on updates and all parties have a clear image of the state of the project at all times, from the assembly of the steel base to robot programming and beyond. 

“Our project management app is used to paint a clear picture at all times, preventing unnecessary meetings and site visits. To be a leading systems integrator, we had to think outside of the box and this is how,” said Bauromat Operations Manager David Samuel.


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What Previous Customers Have Said…

Don’t just take our word for its benefits, though. Although the technology is new and only been used on a handful of projects, customers are already thrilled with the process and how it helped improve their feeling towards robotic automation projects. 

Stafford-based fabrication company Mec-Com was new to the robotics process and were looking for the hand-holding our app provides. In having access to the project at all time, it didn’t just keep them up to date but alleviated any concern they may have had towards system integration as a whole. 

“At every step, Bauromat kept us involved in the process and we saw the product come from concept to design to manufacture into testing and finally installation,” said Richard Bunce, Mec-Com Fabrication’s Managing Director. 

“No overpricing, no overspeccing, Bauromat were drawing on its experience. Realistic time scales backed up with examples on the shop floor. Painting an image in my mind how we move from where we are to where we need to be, without being jargonised.

“We’re delighted we’ve found a partner that can walk us through future projects and integration”

Want to get your project up and running with the knowledge you’ll be informed and updated in an industry 4.0 read way? Get in touch today. 

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