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How Robotic Automation Can Shape Business Leaders of The Future

“If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow.” – John Dewey

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BAURO-MATE: The Ideal Robot Education

If you’re interested in an educational robot system, entirely new to robotic automation, and have a host of educationally hungry students clamerring to learn about automation and robots, then there’s no better solution than BAURO-MATE.

Entirely flexible, BAURO-MATE can be acquired as a simple robot in an open sided box, protecting the users, but giving great access to learning the basics. From there, depending on preferred applications, BAURO-MATE can easily and quickly be expanded, offering a diverse range of robot solutions all through one single robot. 

From basic pick & place tasks, part manipulation or boxing, to complex multi-step processes, with a single BAURO-MATE robot system, whatever application is required can be achieved, for a fraction of the cost, too. One system, multiple applications. 

While there may be educational robots available and first time user friendly software and equipment, nothing quite prepares you for the daily use of robots like the tried and tested traditional robotic automation - and that is why we made BAURO-MATE especially for you.

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Why We Want to See More Robotic Automation in Education

The term ‘future proofing your business’ is thrown around a lot, particularly due to the current status of the world; a global pandemic, high unemployment and the omnipresent ‘Brexit’. But we believe that working with robotic automation businesses can 'future-proof' themselves and grow.

But that term doesn’t just have to refer to cash investments and purchasing high-tech equipment every quarter, you can also future proof by investing in people. That can be through offering additional training, providing more opportunities, or as we like to see, investing in people from a young age. That’s why as well as an increase in robot automation as a whole, we also want to see educational robots and automation be introduced on a wider scale throughout colleges and universities in the UK.

These students are the business leaders of the future, and in 10, 15, 20 years, when they’re making decisions, because they were invested in and experienced robotic education, they will invest in their business. Robotic education rewards robotic automation, and in inspiring & future proofing students from a young age, we’re future proofing the industry as a whole, making sure we don’t fall behind our global competition anymore. 

Image ©No10 Crown Copyright . 31/01/2020. London, UK. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson visits the Automotive and Advanced Manufacturing Practice (AMAP), Sunderland on Brexit Day. Picture by Pippa Fowles / No10 Downing Street

Why We Want to See More Robotic Automation in Education

The Robotic Automation Supporting The University of Sunderland & Beyond

Throughout colleges, universities, and apprenticeship centres around the country, you will find educational robotic automation provided by Bauromat for the benefit of the student body and beyond. From entry level welding systems, single robot training bays, and even versatile BAURO-MATE systems, all areas of industry can be covered, providing the ideal robotic education. 

Bauromat’s flagship education automation system, the BAURO-Arc Compact takes pride of place at the heart of the University of Sunderland’s Sustainable Advanced Manufacturing (SAM) Project.  In the heart of north east manufacturing, the SAM project features all aspects of the latest technology including 3D printers, I4 rigs, VR/AR equipment, and educational robotic systems. 

Visited by Prime Minister Boris Johnson early in 2020, the Bauromat robotic automation within the University of Sunder SAM Project will not only help students learn the skills they need for a successful future in engineering, but the University also opens its doors to businesses in and around the surrounding areas. Manufacturers looking to invest in new technology have the opportunity to see robotic automation in action before committing to any investment, and can even conduct trials and be educated on the robot at no cost - an offer that’s too good to miss. 

What’s more, Bauromat is currently revamping the robotic automation department at the Marches Centre of Manufacturing & Technology, introducing a range of new educational robots and robotic systems to support students, teach them new skills and promote automation to a wider field.

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