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New to Automation? Weld Trials Can Make You Make Your Decision

We’ve just returned from MACH 2018, where it was great to get together with other members of the automation industry for a short period of time. From welding & robotics to machining & electronics, every section of the industry was in attendance across the vast expanse of the NEC’s gargantuan halls.


With one of our integrated systems on display, featuring two Kawasaki robots as well as Kyrus tracks and grippers, the Kawasaki Robotics UK Stand was the place to be and it certainly gauged a lot of attention over the five days of the show. Our sales team enjoyed speaking to each person who visited the stand and took awe in observing robots doing what robots do best - working effortlessly. One thing that surprised them the most however, was the amount of people still looking to introduce automation into their business.

But when you consider recent statistics published by IFR (International Federation of Robotics), it’s easy to see that despite the rise of automation throughout the EU, the UK is still somewhat behind European powerhouses such as Germany. When compared with automation numbers from the ever increasing Chinese market, Germany has 301 units to China’s 49 (industrial robots per 10,000 employees), while the UK pales in comparison with 71. So perhaps it’s not so surprising that automation is still new to companies up and down the country.

It can be somewhat daunting taking the initial leap into automation and understanding how this might change your company moving forward. As a systems integrator, we deal with this on a regular basis and whether you're an experienced automation user or entirely new to the process, we can ensure that every step of the way is as smooth as we can make it. From initial conversations to installation and service, customer care and assurance is what we are all about.

Before you’ve even placed an order, you’ve no doubt discussed in length and detail the specific requirements of your proposed system with our dedicated sales team. Once you've gauged an idea of what we can provide, the next step is often to put it into action; the proof they as they say, is in the pudding.

Ultimately, as the customer you want know:

1 – Will the automation system improve productivity?

2 – Is the outcome and quality of the weld to the standard required?

To find the answers to the questions above, we encourage customers to provide us with examples of parts before the finer details of the complete system are decided. This allows us to perform welding trials to refine the process, decide on the best approach and ultimately, produce a result that you, the customer, are comfortable with. Not only does this help in building confidence in us as an integrator, but if it’s your first step into the world of automation, it allows you to build confidence in the process moving forward.

We currently have numerous welding bays which allow for trials to be performed on most open arc welding processes. Robots including Fanuc, Kawasaki and Yaskawa are all available in house and our staff are well versed in the programming of all varieties. Not only does this allow you to see the outcome of the finished part, but it allows us to begin refining the process to give a higher quality finished product.

So, if you spoke with one of our staff members at MACH 2018 and are interested in a fully automated system to aid your manufacturing needs, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. There is no better time to kickstart your automated processes and Bauromat will be happy to assist you every step of the way.

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