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Introducing #ThinkAutomationThursday

Want to know the latest in automation and how it can benefit manufacturing? Then let us introduce you to #ThinkAutomationThursday.


#ThinkAutomationThursday is an on-going scheme that will be seen on social media and throughout UK Manufacturing offering a platform for anyone to voice questions concerns and queries they might have surrounding automation.

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Initially starting as a weekly thread on LinkedIn and Twitter, the aim is to make #ThinkAutomationThursday the go to place for all things automation whether people are after advice, debates, or just looking for things they might not have known.

“We pride ourselves on making sure people are aware of the positive impact to manufacturing that automation can have” said Managing Director John D’Angelillo.

“Giving potential users a platform to voice questions and concerns opens up a dialogue and allows us to spread the positive message as far as possible”.

Stared in the final week of July, join the conversation this Thursday (6th August) where we’ll be showing the automation numbers in the UK and how they differ to other competing markets.

How to Get Involved?

Firstly, make sure you are following Bauromat on both LinkedIn and Twitter.

Every Thursday at 12 Noon, Bauromat UK Limited will create a thread using the hashtag #ThinkAutomationThursday.

Simply join the conversation the comments below.

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Interesting automation news story to share? Post it on socials and use the hashtag #ThinkAutomationThursday

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