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Automation Efficiency: The 5 Ways Automation Increases Efficiency

“The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency" - Bill Gates

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Businesses are always looking at ways of increasing efficiency. Whether through overhauling IT systems, removing paperwork or adding a CMS, there are lots of shortcuts and quick fixes. 

However, when it comes to manufacturing there’s one method that should be top of the list for financial controllers and project managers to consider - robotic automation. 

In this blog, we discuss not only the cost of automation and the cost of robots to help drive efficiency, but how their work can help take your production to the next level. 

Produce More Parts Per Shift

Robots are far quicker than their human counterparts. Given the same job, the same tools and the same amount of time, the robotic automation system is hand down guaranteed to produce more parts per shift and help manufacturers reach new heights. 

With more parts being produced per hour, your business’s output is going to increase, too. As quantities rise, project targets can more easily be met and you’ll open up opportunities for more work. 

All of this ensures that not only does your business become more efficient, it can earn more money and grow, too.

Improves Quality

The beauty of automation is that it is repeatable. This means that time after time, after time, you can expect the same results. 

If your tooling is of the highest quality, your parts are all manufactured to the same specification and your system is programmed by the highest skilled engineers, your quality is going to sky-rocket. 

What’s more, as robotic automation is far more skilled and adept at all processes, with multiple axes of movement, varying reaches and full 360-degree rotation, robots also remove any issues caused by shaking or small micro-movements that occur from human operators.

Higher quality equals higher profits!

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Upskills Your Staff

How many times have you thought “we don’t want robots because they’ll replace our staff”?

While it’s actually one of the main reasons the UK is so far behind its global competition, robots actually help you improve the skills of your staff.

It’s not as simple as ‘kick out a human, chuck in a robot’. Instead, robots offer an avenue for additional skills to be learnt, turning machine operators into fully-fledged programmers.

Saves You Money

Businesses are always looking to find a return on investment. In fact, one of the hurdles of getting businesses into an automated workflow is cost, but it isn’t expensive when you crunch the numbers correctly.

Yes, automation solutions give a positive return of investment, but often not as quickly as those wiley accountants and their calculators would like. 

We recently gave a breakdown of how much BAURO-MATE, one of our smaller, introduction systems can cost. Breaking it down over multiple shifts over multiple years (and considering the life of a part) it’s much less than you’d think.

The reality is if you’ve got high or low quantities, and high or low product lives, there’s a financial solution, be it finance, loan, or buying outright.

Creates A More Consistent Workflow

How many times have you walked past your welding bays, or assembly lines and found them empty; operators having walked off to grab a drink, chat with their friend or go to the loo? 

Probably more times than you’d like to admit!

A robot automation system takes all the stress and anxiety of trying to meet deadlines and quantities away. An industrial robot doesn’t need to have a toilet break, or a drink, or a chat. It’s programmed with one thing in mind, to keep working to the highest standards.

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Automation brings with it far more benefits than you might first consider. It’s not just efficiency, it’s valued, it’s new skills and its greater quality.

Want to learn about breaking downshift costs of automation? Then click here to read about how cost-effective our BAURO-MATE is. 

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