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Factory Automation Instead of Individual Robots: How BAURO-MATE Helps You Achieve More

Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing” - Matthew 7:15

Bauromate College Visit

Factory Automation - Getting the Right Stuff

Learning robotic automation can seem daunting at first glance, and when real-world automation in factories is truly observed, the gap between novice to professional can seem like a wide chasm to cross. With BAURO-MATE, we are looking at closing that gap, ensuring that complex tasks can be easily automated in a way to drive efficiency.

BAURO-MATE recently featured in a local training college as part of an F1 in Schools event the campus was holding. The college had some minor factory automation in place, but it mainly consisted of floor-mounted robots and small ‘training applications’ - things that won’t prepare you for proper automation in a variety of factories. 

While these applications are a great factory automation starter when push comes to shove, they aren’t the real deal and this was something we were keen to highlight to MCMT before handing over the BAURO-MATE reigns. Real-world automation in factories is going to offer far greater experience than simple robot automation. 

“Getting robots and robot automation into as many places is a great starting point” explains Bauromat Managing Director John D’Angelillo

“However what is important is the distinction between a robot and an automation system. You can learn the basics with a robot, of course, but to learn real-world applications, the likes you’ll find in factories around the globe, you have to be working with a complete system”.

BAURO-MATE Machine Tending

BAURO-MATE - A Stand Out in Factory Automation

BAURO-MATE offers this in abundance, not only is it a small and complete robot automation system, it features a manageable industrial robot currently used in hundreds of real-world factory automation applications.

The idea of introducing it to the MCMT during a large-scale event was to highlight the difference between understanding robots and understanding a complete solution. While stand-alone robots have their benefits for learning basics, BAURO-MATE and other complete robot automation systems allow observers to see their versatility and understand what exactly they can do. 

BAURO-MATE in this instance was simulating a sealant application, typical in a variety of industries for a range of products. Picking the part from an integrated conveyor, the small handling robot then moves to present the part to a dispensing head, the system simulates the application, before moving to a scanner which would measure the accuracy and check the quality. The whole cycle lasts the best part of a minute and emphasises the speed and efficiency of a real-world automation application that would be found in factories. 

The result? BAURO-MATE garnered far more attention during the open day by simulating a complete system than any other standalone robots did.

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From Display to Real Automation Applications

The installation of BAURO-MATE at the MCMT was just the tip of the iceberg for robot automation applications as it has given opportunities for additional small training systems to take the place of simple robots throughout the industry. 

One place where this can be seen is at the University of Sunderland where one of BAURO-MATE’s larger MIG welding family members, BAURO-Arc Compact, was installed. The system, which has been a complete representation of factory automation within an educational sector, continues to not only help students learn about real-world applications of robots, but has also seen investment in automation in the area increase. 

With factory automation and robotic systems introduced, efficiency is sure to increase by 60% as a minimum and all our case studies point to this being true. The hard fact is you can have all the robots in the world out on display, but unless they are seen doing real-world applications, efficiency and development won’t grow larger. 

This is why we created BAURO-MATE to be the stepping stone into complete factory automation. How would learning more about the introduction of automation make your factory automation journey easy? Click here to read how our process makes automation integration incredibly simple. 

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