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Robot Education: How Automation Systems Can Make Robots Educational

“Hands-on experience is the best way to learn about all the interdisciplinary aspects of robotics” – Rodney Brooks

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Robot Education - Teaching The Next Generation

Robots don’t always have to be integrated into manufacturing processes as a means to help businesses grow. They can also be integrated into education as a means to help skills grow. At Bauromat we spend a lot of time with universities and colleges up and down the country not only promoting automation but encouraging it as a form of robot education; after all, it is only by creating a spark in young minds that robots will become recognised as the correct means to improve manufacturing output.

With the UK falling further and further behind its European neighbours in terms of robot density within the industry, as well as rebounding from unprecedented times, there has never been a better time to start robot education. Only through these means does an overhaul of robot and automation perception commence and the UK can become a leading light in robotics. Starting by educating young minds with robots, through time, that passion and enthusiasm will translate into a dramatic increase in robots in UK manufacturing roles.

And that claim isn’t something that is completely farfetched either, although not strictly related to robots there is a huge demand for automated requirements to help in the educational sector. While these are more related to the likes of AI and cloud-based services, the same thinking applies to robot arms, particularly in places like trade colleges and apprentice centres, where learning essential skills of today and tomorrow is a must.

It’s time to wake up and get the next generation education on robotics


Educational Robots, Changing Perspectives

One of our most recent educational robot systems installed was at the University of Sunderland as part of its SAM (Sustainable Advanced Manufacturing) Project. We were tasked with displaying robotic welding capabilities using an ‘off the shelf’ type automation system. The BAURO-Arc Compact arc welding system, which was visited by the Prime Minister early last year, is not only used as a demonstration of this type of automation, it also offers university students the opportunity to educate themselves on robotics and automation. 

The educational robot system also goes beyond being something used exclusively for demonstrations. Using skills picked up by working with the robot system on a daily basis, the SAM project invites businesses from the surrounding North East area to see automation in action while also offering trials and small production runs on parts. Operated by people attending the university and using robots to educate businesses in the local areas, the BAURO-Arc system is just the start of a process that we hope can help inspire a whole new generation and a whole new range of businesses.

bauro-mate cnc

BAURO-MATE as an Educational Robot System

BAURO-MATE can offer exactly as described above and beyond. Designed to be used for a whole range of applications depending on preference, used in the education sector students can use BAURO-MATE to learn skills from automated assembly and pick & place, to dispensing, packaging, machine tending and many more.  What’s more, its compact design and manoeuvrability mean it takes up very little space and is easily moved as and when necessary.

Although small, BAURO-MATE packs all the benefits of the educational robot system at the University of Sunderland. It’ll feature a top of the range, industrial robot (from a range of leading manufacturers) used and accepted industry-wide, full safety and access doors as well as state of an art application kit that can be determined by the customer. It’s everything students will need (and more) to become fully adept and knowledgeable of all forms of robotics. 

For a low cost, high educational value robot system, BAURO-MATE is the perfect solution. No gimmicks, no limitations for educational purposes, the BAURO-MATE used in a college, university or apprentice centre is one that is exactly the same as what would be sold to an end-user. Not only does this mean the experience gained will be equal to working alongside a fully automated robotic system, but it also puts them one step ahead of those with experience on ‘education only’ robot systems. 

How could a BAUO-MATE help you with the world educational robots. Click here to find out How Bauromat can help Robotic Automation Shape Business Leaders of The Future.

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