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Robots in Education: How Automation Paves The Way

“Robotics and other combinations will make the world pretty fantastic compared with today.” – Bill Gates

robots in education

Robots in Education

Robots aren’t only present in a manufacturing capacity. They are also beginning to appear more frequently in an educational environment as a means to teach the next generation. Not only this though, but educational robots are a fantastic means to help children and students to learn different STEM techniques offering hands-on experience and skills in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. 

Some schools are beginning to introduce robotic learning days as an additional form of stimulus for the children, Universities are continuing to invest in the latest robotic automation solutions, offering local businesses trials on the latest technologies while Apprentice centres continue to install robots as an additional trade to the usual likes of machining, CNC programming and other traditional manufacturing techniques. 

This education at all stages of school life is a vital component to not only ensure that a high level of STEM education continues, but it is also a vital component in the growth of the industry as a whole, particularly in the UK where robot numbers continue to dwindle behind our nearest European competitors. 

With robots in education becoming more and more common, have you got the right equipment to teach the next generation? Do you understand what they can do and how they can help students develop? If not then you might want to keep reading. 

Educational Robots: What Can They Do

Those with experience learning ‘the old ways’ would be the first to acknowledge the tedium and monotonous coding and programming of robots, particularly when it was purely theory-based with little to no hands-on experience whatsoever. With education robots, what those from STEM and other educational robot backgrounds are doing is making working with robots what it should be - hugely exciting. 

In engaging and working with robots hands-on, children are becoming much more involved in the world of robotics. What this leads to is building confidence in the process as well as instant feedback. If something goes wrong with the robot input, it is instantly played out - no more crawling through lines of code to find a misplaced dash. 

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Automation in Apprentice Centres

In apprentice centres, robots are also becoming more apparent. Back in the day, these centres taught the essential manufacturing trades. It just so happens that in 2021, one of those essential trades is the programming of robots and therefore the need for educational robotic automation systems. 

After being trained on the real things, by the time that apprentices enter the real working factories in the working world, that skill set has the ability to make them amongst the most valuable in the business. If you’ve got a robotic automation solution and it goes down, you’re going to need somebody to get you back up and running… and quickly. 

Robotics in Universities

Universities receive a lot of funding and are spending a lot on new technologies. Places like the University of Sunderland and the University of Sheffield have dedicated automation facilities that are being used as a means to highlight the technology to local businesses. In turn, businesses can use the facilities to become more educated before investing in robots themselves. 

At all levels of the education spectrum, robots and automation are making a significant contribution.

robots in education

Why Should You Have Robotics in Education?

Education, education, education - how many times have you heard this?

And we’re not just talking about 9-3, Monday-Friday, Primary School here. Robotic education is necessary at all levels, from the most inquisitive young mind to the wisest academic graduate, educational robots at all levels allow growth; not just growth in acquiring new skill sets and ensuring STEM becomes an essential part of everyday life, but also growth in a wider sense. 

With robot numbers continuing to fall behind those of our European neighbours, education allows the interest and knowledge of robotics to filter through so that when these students are the next business leaders, their education with robots shines through. 

How could Robots in Education pave the way for you? Click here to read about how automation systems can make robots educational.

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