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One Simple Robotic System, Multiple Brilliant Automation Solutions

“To every problem, there is a most simple solution” - Agatha Christie.

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One All-Encompassing Automation System

BAURO-MATE makes robotic process automation incredibly easy. Not only is it a small, manageable robotic automation system, easily moved from application to application, but BAURO-MATE is designed in a way that allows a single robot system to be the solution for multiple applications in your manufacturing process. 

This all-encompassing robotic automation system is designed in two halves, separating the robot side of the system from the side which will hold the application (be it polishing, grinding, assembling or any other number of possibilities.) This simple but effective design means that with the two halves separated, there is greater automation flexibility from a single system. 

Designed with a unique interlocking system to guarantee system repeatability time and time again, the halves must be accurately docked and secured by exterior clasps before continuing with the manufacturing process. 

What’s more, featuring castors, BAURO-MATE is among only a small minority of robotic process automation that can be moved without relying on a forklift truck or crane. It’s small frame also means that it can easily be moved around your factory, while it can easily be integrated into facilities that don’t have industrial size doors.

From laboratories, garage units, or even garden sheds, to aerospace and automotive facilities, whatever size of manufacturing operation you are from, BAURO-MATE is the all-encompassing automation system that opens up infinite robotic process solutions.


Many Automation Solutions

So you’re a small manufacturing company looking for robotic automation. You have a range of processes in your factory that are operating at different times and putting out different volumes every day. You’ve considered automation, but haven’t quite got the budget to stretch to multiple robotic systems and are trying to optimize your current manual processes. 

Sound familiar?

Well, now there is a robotic automation system available, it can help all aspects of your manufacturing. Sound good? Well, we’re talking about BAURO-MATE. 

This all-encompassing system can help with all areas of the manufacturing processes described, and what’s more, you only need what is essentially one robot system. With corresponding application halves that can be easily connected to the robot, there’s no limit to the possibilities. You can replace your current manufacturing processes with one single automation system and achieve a higher level of efficiency that automation brings. 

Have six current processes with varied output, operating at different times? One simple BAURO-MATE with the corresponding application halves can be the difference between good efficiency and fantastic efficiency - No other automation integrator can offer that type of flexibility. After all, when all is said and done, robots can help increase efficiency levels by at least 65%, and the more robots you have, the more efficient you’ll become. Check out one of our Case Studies here


Entire Factory Automation - Prepare For The Future

Robotic automation might seem like a scary all-encompassing solution, but in reality, robotics is the way forward and one of only a handful of methods to help the manufacturing industry truly catch up on the lost ground. According to a report on Business 2 Community, there are at least 12 reasons why businesses, but particularly small ones and startups, must consider an automation strategy. 

From the likes of optimized efficiency and to reduce some labour costs for jobs that come up in the 4Ds, robotic process automation and the likes of an encompassing system like BAURO-MATE are a means to adapt; adapting to market demand and the new challenges that manufacturers face. 

With a robotic automation system like BAURO-MATE, not only do you have complete flexibility on where and when to use it, you also have the ability to scale up with minimum disruption and cost. Once you’re familiar with automation, you can see its benefits and have the knowledge to expand into new markets. 

BAURO-MATE is just the starting point. One robotic system, infinite automation solutions.

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