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Robotic Servicing: 5 Reasons You Need To Maintain Regular Servicing


5 Reasons You Need To Maintain Regular Robotic Servicing

Servicing is an essential part of everyday life. 

From your annual car service, inspections of your boiler and other domestic appliances even to personal health checks. Everything has to be serviced and checked over to ensure it’s working to the best of its abilities and that there are no surprises around the corner. 

When it comes to your robotic system, it’s no different. Having regular robot servicing for your entire system helps in more ways than one. It can easily be something to overlook, but it’s important not to ignore it. 

We’re exploring the 5 reasons why robot servicing is so important to your robotic system. 

1: Robot Servicing: Preventing Needless Stoppages

Stoppages are the pain of all manufacturing lines. There’s no debate. 

In having regular scheduled robot servicing, and being aware of everything that might cause lengthy delays to ensure stoppages are reduced to a minimum. 

Whether through your external robotic partner, or your in-house servicing team, regular maintenance and servicing is a guaranteed method to ensure a long and consistent operation. 

No more heart-stopping moments of your system grinding to a halt, servicing has you covered.

2: Robot Maintenance As Best Practice

Once you get in a routine, life is much easier. 

It’s exactly the same for your robotic automation. The more frequently you’re considering it’s servicing needs and attending to them, the more likely you will keep it up.

Automation does it’s thing best when you do yours, and keeping on top of regular servicing gets you in a brilliant habit for all of your machines, not just the robotic ones. 

This best practice helps take you ahead of your competitors.

3: Maintain Performance Levels With Regular Servicing

Robotic automation is all about meeting targets and volumes. To do this, it’s vital that any automation system, be it welding, handling, glueing, or any other number of other automated processes is running to it’s highest standards. 

To maintain these goals over an extended period of time, regular servicing is essential. No question. 

Making sure every component is free from damage and wear, as well as giving it a regular ‘once over’ means that your system will always be performing to the highest standards for you and your customer.

4: Protect Your Investment With Regular Robot Maintenance

You’ve just forked out potentially hundreds of thousands of pounds on your latest robotic automation system.

Instead of opting for regular servicing and maintenance, you’re quite happy to leave it to its own devices, and before you know it, you’re in trouble.

Why would you spend all that money and not provide it with the TLC it deserves?

With regular robot maintenance and servicing, you’re protecting your investment in the long run and ensuring it’s getting the treatment it deserves so it can perform at its optimum level.

5: Keep Your Customers Happy

With a robot system that is running smoothly and producing the parts it needs to, you’ve got nothing to be concerned about. 

Achieved through regular maintenance and robotic servicing, this consistent running and production means you’re not going to have any issues or concerns from your customers. 

Because you’re looking after your automation, your automation is looking after you and ensuring that you have a fantastic relationship with your customers and the entire supply chain.

Is Robot Servicing Important?

The simple answer is yes. 

The 5 reasons why are listed above, but there are so many other reasons why you have to keep up servicing and maintenance. 

Keeping your machine running and your customers pleased is one thing, but getting into the habit of regular servicing and making it second nature helps carry you above your customers. 

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