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How To Use Industry 4.0 In Automation Servicing

How To Use Industry 4.0 In Automation Training

How To Use Industry 4.0 In Automation Training

Industry 4.0 is something of a buzz word and has been for some time, but there is some merit in its use.

How many times have you spoken to by a salesperson, or a prospective supplier and they’ve discussed futureproofing your business and making sure you’re ahead of the technological curve? 

But what if this new technology could be used to make your manufacturing life easier, helping you to more quickly and efficiently reach your goals?

In this blog, we’ll discuss industry 4.0 in more detail, while also looking at the possibilities of automation service teams and understand how the levels of technology on your automation system can help improve your efficiency, helping to prevent needless stoppages. 

What Is Industry 4.0?

Before we fully explore how your automation provider can use technology to make managing your automation system much easier, it’s important to define the technology that allows it. 

We’ve spoken a lot about industry 4.0 and how it means different things to different people in different sectors. It might be digitisation, cloud base technology or robotic automation depending on who you ask, but for a solutions provider like us, it’s a little bit of everything. 

Using robotic automation systems is a great way to introduce your business to the next industrial revolution, and being able to add additional features on top helps smooth the process as we’ll discuss in the next section.

Industry 4.0 & Industrial Robotics

As we’ve discussed, industrial robotics are an obvious thought when considering industry 4.0, but it goes beyond just the robot. 

PLC systems that control the overall machine are becoming more and more sophisticated by the day and offer more than just a means of stopping and starting the automation process. 

The more sophisticated the automation system, the more industry 4.0 ready it will become, with sensors, controls and cables monitoring every square inch of it. Checking everything from overall system efficiency and tooling sensors, to monitoring welding wire levels and instantly reporting issues. 

Even things such a temperature levels and battery replacements can be programmed into complex PLC software in order for more you and your automation provider to know exactly what you need and when

Only with these levels of industry 4.0 technology can your business start to move forward, and with an automation provider that offers these services it can happen much sooner than you think.

Automation Servicing

Importance of Automation Servicing

We’ve spoken a lot about the importance of automation servicing and service contracts. Despite investing in an expensive robotic solution, you need to make sure everything is covered, from the consumables that you use, to the batteries in your sensors.

Like anything, it takes just the smallest cog and before you know it, your efficient automation system becomes a white elephant. 

Like you would with your car, you need to know that when something does go wrong that you are covered and that you have a plan in place for the parts. 

Having an industry 4.0 ready automation system in place means that not only do you have a system that can monitor all of the most essential parts of your system, but it also offers you the opportunity to order, replace and ask for support. 

Only with these levels of connectivity can you really help your business accelerate into the future.


As you can see, industry 4.0 is still very much in its infancy with much debate over exactly what it is.

All we can do is tell you what we believe it is and how it shapes the automation you use in your business. 

From being able to monitor all aspects of your system, keeping track from anywhere in the world and having new parts on their way ‘right on time’, industry 4.0 gives you peace of mind.

Not only is it looking after itself, but it’s ensuring your automation provider knows everything going on, too.


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